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Adult Social Care Charging Policies Review

We provide adult social care services to approximately 4,100 people in Telford and Wrekin. 

Our services benefit people who may be frail, have disabilities, neurodiverse conditions, have mental health issues or other medical conditions. We not only assist the people receiving care but also support their carers, helping them maintain independence, safety and well-being to lead fulfilling lives.

When people require adult social care services, we assess their specific care and support needs. We also look at their income, to determine their contribution towards the cost of care. 

The amount people need to pay for their care varies. Some people are not required to pay anything, some people make a contribution while others are self-funders who cover the full cost of their care.

Currently approximately 1,900 people receive chargeable social care services. 

We set out how much people need to contribute towards their social care in the Adult Social Care Charging Policies, based on national legislation, Care Act 2014. 

Over the last nine years, since the introduction of the Care Act, we have not made any fundamental changes to these policies. Consequently, social care charges in Telford and Wrekin are currently significantly lower than the national charging guidelines and those of many other local authorities across the country.

Watch our video on Adult Social Care Charging Policies:

Subsequently, we reviewed the charging policies and identified key areas of change. A consultation was held during the summer of 2023 to understand the impact of the proposed changes on people who receive chargeable care and support. 

Based on people’s feedback and on the input from the Telford & Wrekin Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee the Council has approved several changes to the Adult Social Care Charging Policies, these can be found in the key decision report. 

View the Key Decision Report

View the Consultation Feedback

View the Equality Impact Assessment Analysis

View the Adult Social Care Charging Policies that will take effect from 1 January 2024

Last updated: 30/10/2023 11:39

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