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A to Z of recycling and rubbish - Plastic Recycling Codes

Item Plastic recycling codes
What can you do with it? The types of plastics that can be recycled in Telford and Wrekin are categorised into type of household item, rather than using the sub-type plastic codes.

This is linked to the way the reprocessors categorise what they accept, as some materials may take different forms even when they are within the same resin code so may not be accepted.

To ensure we send the right products to the reprocessors for recycling we use the item type to explain what can and can't be recycled locally.

This system is also generally accepted as a more effective way to communicate to residents what can and can't be recycled and we also have a handy leaflet detailing those items which can be downloaded from the website.

You can also use the A-Z of recycling which lists the items individually and how to recycle them.
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