Types of graves

Lawn grave

These are available at all three cemeteries. They are level with the ground, with no curbs and a headstone of a limited size of 3' 6" high x 36" wide x 18" deep.

At Castle Green and Wombridge cemeteries, the headstone is surrounded by a bark area to allow for ease of maintenance.

At Wellington Cemetery, the area in front of the headstone is turfed and maintained by the Council. However, in front of the headstone, the Council can provide a slab for use as a base for memorials and vases.

The headstone can be bought from any of the licensed masons, and is erected on a foundation at the head of the grave provided by the stonemason.

Traditional grave

Available at all three cemeteries. This grave allows for a much more substantial type of memorial on a concrete landing that covers the area of the grave, along with a kerb set.

The maximum dimensions for a memorial on this type of grave are 3' 6" high x 36" wide x 6' 6" deep (length of kerb).

Baby/infant and child graves

Available at all three cemeteries. Castle Green, Wellington and Wombridge cemeteries have designated areas for the burial of babies and infants.

Castle Green also has an area for the burial of children.

Within the cemeteries, all the plots are of a lawn grave type, babies being a quarter of the size of a full plot and children (up to the age of 12 years) half the size. Each grave may have a headstone 22" high x 18" wide x 12" deep (a kerb set can be installed with a maximum overall length of 36", including the headstone foundation) or a stone vase placed at the head of the grave.

Garden of remembrance section for cremated remains

Similar to the lawn grave, but placed on a gravel border - although the grave itself is smaller to accommodate the urn or caskets in which the cremated remains are buried.

An individual small headstone (maximum 22" high x 18" wide x 12" deep) or a stone vase may be placed in the gravel area, immediately above the cremated remains, in Castle Green, Wellington and Wombridge cemeteries.

Also, a gravelled area is available for the burial of cremated remains in Wombridge Cemetery.

You can place a small vase on the gravelled area beneath the Wall of Remembrance. A Wall of Remembrance is available in all three cemeteries for you to place a brass plaque.

Family Columbarium

These structures are placed above ground and consist of 18 units. Each unit can hold up to four urns inside. Currently, the Columbarium is only available at Wellington Cemetery. The lease period for the Columbarium is 25 years.

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