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Public Protection policies

We make a fundamental contribution to the maintenance and improvement of public health, quality of life and wellbeing. Our aims are to:

  • protect the public, businesses and the environment from harm
  • support the local economy to grow and prosper and to ensure a fair trading economy exists within the borough.

We determine our activities by assessing the needs of local people and our business community, and considering the risks that require addressing. We do this through consultations in respect to changes to licensing policy, attending forums and neighbourhood meetings and through using data and other information available to us and our partners. In this way we ensure our resources are targeted appropriately, in the light of these local needs and of national priorities.

We are committed to being transparent in our activities. We measure what is important and we publish a range of information about our performance data so that you can see how we are

We carry out all our activities in a way that supports those we regulate to comply and grow:

  • we ensure that information, guidance and advice is available to help you to meet legal requirements. Advice and guidance for businesses can be found on Telford and Wrekin's website
  • we carry out inspections and other activities to check compliance with legal requirements, and we use a risk based approach to target these checks where we believe they are most needed
  • we deal proportionately with breaches of the law as set out in our Enforcement Policy, including taking firm enforcement action when necessary. Download the Enforcement Policy.

Our services will be delivered in accordance with the requirements of the Regulators' Code.

Working with you

In all your dealings with us you can expect, and will receive, an efficient and professional service. Our officers will:

  • be courteous and polite
  • always identify themselves by name in dealings with you, and provide you with contact details
  • seek to gain an understanding of how your business operates
  • provide details of how to discuss any concerns you may have
  • agree timescales, expectations and preferred methods of communication with you
  • ensure that you are kept informed of progress on any outstanding issues.

We recognise that your business will receive advice and inspections from other organisations, and we will do our best to work with them to ensure that you receive the best service.

Helping you to get it right

We want to work with you to help your business to be compliant and successful and it is important to us that you feel able to come to us for advice when you need it. We won't take enforcement action just because you tell us that you have a problem.

We make information and guidance on meeting legal requirements available. If you visit the Council's web pages you can find a wide variety of information designed to help businesses.

Where you need advice that is tailored to your particular needs and circumstances we will:

  • discuss with you what is required to achieve compliance
  • provide advice that supports compliance and that can be relied on
  • provide clear advice that can be easily understood and implemented
  • distinguish legal requirements from suggested good practice
  • ensure that any verbal advice you receive is confirmed in writing if requested
  • acknowledge good practice and compliance.

Visits to your business

We monitor and support compliance in a number of different ways including through inspections, sampling visits, test purchases, advisory visits and compliant investigations. These visits will always be based on an assessment of risk. We will give you notice that we intend to visit unless we have specific reason to believe that an unannounced visit is more appropriate.

When we visit you our officers will:

  • explain the reason and purpose of the visit
  • carry their identification card at all times, and present it on request when visiting your premises
  • exercise discretion in front of your customers and staff
  • have regard to how you approach compliance within your business, and use this information to inform future interactions with you
  • provide advice to support you in meeting your statutory obligations, if required
  • provide a written record of the visit.

When setting local fees and charges the Service has regard to the Local Government Associations (LGA) "Open for business - LGA Guidance on locally set fees".

View the View the fees and charges for Public Protection.

Responding to non-compliance

Where we identify any failure to meet legal obligations, we will respond proportionately, taking account of the circumstance, in line with our Enforcement Policy.

Where we require you to take action to remedy any failings we will:

  • explain the nature of the non-compliance
  • discuss what is required to achieve compliance, taking into account your circumstances
  • clearly explain any advice, actions required or decisions that we have taken
  • agree timescales that are acceptable to both you and us, in relation to any actions required
  • provide in writing details of how to appeal against any advice provided, actions required or decisions taken, including any statutory rights to appeal
  • explain what will happen next including any timescales
  • keep in touch with you, where required, until the matter is resolved.

Requests for our service

We respond to requests for assistance that we receive, including requests for advice and complaints about breaches of the law. We will:

  • acknowledge your request within 5 working days (sooner if possible) unless there is a statutory requirement for a shorter period
  • tell you when you can expect a substantive response
  • seek to fully understand the nature of your request
  • explain what we may or may not be able to do, so that you know what to expect
  • keep you informed of progress throughout our involvement
  • provide clear advice where appropriate
  • inform you of the outcome as appropriate.

The Service aims to adhere to the Council's Customer Charter.

Our team

We have a dedicated team of officers who have the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience to deliver the services provided. We have arrangements in place to ensure the on-going professional competency of all officers.

Where specialist knowledge is required in an area outside of our expertise we have arrangements in place, with both neighbouring authorities and other regulatory organisations, to call on additional resources as necessary.

Working with others

Our Public Protection service works closely with other council services such as Planning and Economic Development and our aim is to provide a streamlined service to you.

We are part of a much wider regulatory system in the West Midlands area.

We have good working relationships with other regulators such as other local authorities, the Police, the Fire Service, the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency, and this enables us to deliver a more joined up and consistent service. This includes sharing information and data on compliance and risk, where the law allows, to help target regulatory resources.

Our officers are familiar with the work of our partners and can signpost you to the advice and guidance you need.

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