Where and when to leave your bins

Presenting your bin/containers for collection

To ensure that we successfully collect your recycling and rubbish please make sure that:

Failure to meet these guidelines can result in your bins and/or containers not being emptied until your next scheduled collection day. You will then need to dispose of any excess rubbish and recycling at our household recycling centres.


Once your bins and containers have been emptied, please return them to your property as soon as possible.

Complete our online form to report bins/containers being left on the public highway permanently

Assisted bin collections

We offer a free assisted bin collection service to residents who might not be able to put the bins out for collection themselves.

View information about requesting help with putting your bins out

Bin day reminder service

You can receive a free weekly reminder for your scheduled collections so you never forget what containers to present.

Sign up for bin day reminders, view your collection days and download a calendar

Last updated: 13/04/2022 09:43

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