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A to Z of recycling and rubbish - Tetra type Cartons (Food/Drink)

Item Tetra type cartons (Food/Drink)
What can you do with it? Unfortunately we are currently unable to collect this material on our household recycling collections.

This is due to the mix of material it is made from: cardboard, plastic linings, and metal linings are all well-bonded together creating the effective preserving qualities that the item is known for, however it does make it difficult to recycle as those different material elements have to be separated via a specific process.

We are always looking at ways to introduce more material into our collection services and this will continue to be looked at and as soon as we are able to recycle this at the kerbside we will let residents know.

You can recycle this type of packaging at both of our Household Recycling Centres.
Household recycling centres (HRCs)