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Food waste recycling

Let's get your food waste recycled!

Are you taking part in the free weekly food waste collection service? If not, why not! did you know that you can recycle every kind of food in your caddies, this includes pet food, mouldy food, bones, banana skins and egg shells?

The myths busted!

  • I don't have much food waste?
    • We will collect any amount no matter how small, like peelings, tea bags, coffee grinds, bones and pet food, just pop your caddy out every week on your schedule collection day and leave the rest to us!
  • I don't like the idea of storing my food waste in the caddy?
    • Let's not forget, the food waste will be sat for two weeks in the red top bin, so why not take advantage of the food recycling service which is collected weekly and remember, it saves room in your red top bin too!
  • What about attracting animals?
    • Did you know your outside caddy has a lockable lid? Just push the handle into the upright position and the lid will be secure. As long as all the food waste is contained inside this should not be an issue.
    • If your caddy lid cannot be closed or is damaged in any other way, you can order a replacement for free, this includes both the inside and outside caddies.
    • If you are still concerned, try storing your food caddy on top on your wheelie bins so they are out of the way.
  • How do I keep my caddy clean?
    • Much like your other recycling containers, our bins need a little TLC, some residents use a variety of methods, from lining the caddies with newspaper or using a compostable caddy liner to nothing at all, if you are able to, giving the caddies a quick rinse after your collection this will also help.
  • What about smells!
    • Some food waste can smell but we still need to get rid of it. Whether it's in the red top bin or the food caddy, so why not take advantage of having this collected every week on the food waste recycling collection service.
    • Keeping your caddy stored out of direct sunlight will also help to minimise any smells.

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