Food waste recycling

Your weekly food waste recycling service for flats

Do you live in a household that shares recycling and rubbish containers?

From the 16 September 2019 you will have the choice to recycle your food waste.

When will the containers be delivered?

Between the 2 - 13 September 2019, you will receive your own kitchen caddy and some bio-degradable liners, the shared silver top wheelie bin will be placed with the other containers in your recycling compound.

How to use the food waste containers

  • Line your kitchen caddy with the compostable bag supplied or you can use kitchen towels/newspaper.
  • When your kitchen caddy is full, transfer the contents into the outside communal silver top wheelie bin.
  • If you don't have space to store your indoor caddy, you can put your food waste directly into the silver top wheelie bin.
  • When you need more compostable bags you can order more online.

Download our food waste user guide for flats

Request a new or additional bin, bag and/or container

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