Food waste recycling

Your weekly food waste recycling service for flats and households that share communal recycling and rubbish containers.

Each communal area will have a silver top wheelie bin to place food waste inside, there is a small lid covering the hatch where you can deposit your food waste, this ensures no flies can get inside the food wheelie bin and helps contain any smell.

If you need more compostable liners or replacement kitchen caddies, you can order these online, when you select 'Flat' as your property type, the option to request replacement liners will appear.

Please do not use plastic bags to recycle your food waste in.


How to use the food waste containers

  • Line your kitchen caddy with the compostable bag supplied or you can use kitchen towels/newspaper.
  • When your kitchen caddy is full, transfer the contents into the outside communal silver top wheelie bin.
  • If you don't have space to store your indoor caddy, you can put your food waste directly into the silver top wheelie bin, please do not put food waste in plastic bags.
  • When you need more compostable bags you can order more online.

Download our food waste user guide for flats

Request a new or additional bin, bag and/or container

Last updated: 8.49am on Monday 13 January 2020

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