Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

Please don’t make us give you a parking ticket. From 31 January 2020 we will be able to issue fines. Please park legally and considerately.

Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

A to Z of recycling and rubbish - Food waste - households only

Item Food waste - households only
Which bin/container? Silver caddy
What can you do with it? You can now recycle your food waste, which will be collected weekly.

All households will be provided with silver caddies, one to be stored inside and one to be kept outside to present on your collection day.

What can you put in your silver food caddy?

Yes please:-

Cooked and uncooked food
Cheese and eggs/egg shells
Meat and fish
Fruit and vegetables
Bread and pastries
Tea and coffee grounds
Mouldy or out of date food
pet food
Uneaten food including plate scrapings

No thanks
Liquids (i.e. orange juice/squash/fizzy drinks)
Oils and fats
Plastic bags
Packaging of any sort
Animal bedding or Faeces
Cardboard and paper

For more information on how to use your food waste caddies, please use the link below.
Useful link