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Development briefs

In addition to pre application advice, development briefs are also available. As a buyer or seller of land or property, development briefs provide relevant planning information about a specific site which can help a seller or purchaser make informed choices defining the opportunities relating to potential development of a specific site.

What will be provided?

A development brief is a document which does not give formal planning decision but indicates what may or may not be an acceptable type of development for a specific area or property. It will contain the following information:

  • site information – including any designations the site may have.
  • permitted changes – outlining any uses on the site that may not require planning permission.
  • relevant history – a list of applications specifically relating to the site.
  • parameters for development – a brief description of potential uses or development that may or may not be acceptable.

How much does it cost?

  • Standard – £245 + VAT – upon receipt of fee 15 working days.
  • Fast Track – £365 + VAT – upon receipt of fee 5 working days.

How to apply?

To request a development brief:

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