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Pre-application written advice

Suitable for wide range of development, the Council will provide a detailed written response to any proposed development, consulting internal technical specialists (consultees to any application) identifying key issues and the likely recommendation to any application. In addition the Council will clarify what information is necessary to validate any application.

How to apply

In order to request pre-application written advice the following information is required:

  • completed pre-application advice enquiry form
  • relevant fee
  • a location plan of the site and the proposal – this should outline the curtilage of the site and an indicative layout of the proposed development
  • any sketches of the proposal
  • note of any existing features of building within or adjacent to the site that may be effected by the development
  • a list of any key issues for which you require a specific response.

Different types of application

Householder application - enquiries within the curtilage of a residential dwelling including:

  • extensions to the existing dwelling 
  • sheds, garages or outbuildings
  • conversion of garage or loft
  • installation of a dropped kerb or creation of a driveway.

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General application - all other enquiries including:

  • new dwellings
  • change of use (including running a business from home, and change of use of open land into garden land)
  • advertisement
  • agricultural buildings
  • non-residential development.

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Useful documents

What will be provided

Following the validation of an enquiry, applicants will be notified of the planning case officer and their contact details provided.

An officer will consult with all relevant internal technical specialists who make up the consultees that will be involved in any planning application and request their informal consultation responses, based on the information that has been provided. These make up the ‘Development Team’ and include the following disciplines: Highways Development Control, Rights of Way, Built Heritage, Urban Design, Geotechnics, Drainage, Healthy Spaces, Education, Environmental Health, Ecology, Arboriculture, Strategic Housing, Viability, Legal, Building Control and Planning Policy.

In addition, the case officer will notify the relevant Parish/Town Council and elected Councillors who may provide written guidance as to the likely local issues that may come forward with any planning application. At any time the officer may request further information/amendments to assist in preparing a response.

The case officer will then prepare a report which sets out the details of any local polices, key considerations and any internal consultations. The report will assess the proposal considering the principle, design and impact on local amenities, highway safety, ground/environmental issues and any contributions or obligations that are necessary to make the development acceptable. The report will summarise if the officer can or cannot support the scheme or if further information is required before a conclusion can be reached. Constructive feedback from all internal consultees and the case officer will be provided with any potential solutions.

Validation requirements for any future planning application will also be provided, detailing a clear list that will ensure the swift validity of any application and processing of the application.

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