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Storage and sale of explosives and fireworks

Any person planning to keep explosives such as fireworks, safety cartridges or vehicle airbag detonators is required by law to have a current licence.

The Explosives Regulations 2014 no longer differentiate between a registration and licence.

Trading Standards are responsible for the safe storage and sale of explosives and fireworks. We aim to ensure that these products are only stored and sold in a manner which does not result in risk of injury or death.

We do this by:

  • checking that fireworks are stored safely and comply with legal standards 
  • checking that explosives are stored in a safe condition 
  • dealing with all necessary licences 
  • preventing the sale of fireworks to children.

Explosives and fireworks licence fees as of 1 April 2023 are:

This table shows the explosives and fireworks licence fees.
Years New Licence £ Renewal £ Vary £ Additional Licence to supply All Year *  £
1 113 56 38 500
2 147 90
3 181 125
4 215 158
5 248 193
Licence Period - 1 September to 31 August.

Please note: that licence/ fees are "outside the scope of VAT".

Period of licence - the registration/licence will be issued for the period 1 September to 31 August.

* Supplying fireworks outside the permitted periods. In addition to the general licence requirement to store fireworks, if you intend to supply fireworks outside the permitted periods below you are also required to submit a separate application and payment to supply outside these times:

  • on the first day of the Chinese New Year and the three days immediately preceding it
  • on the day of Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it
  • during the period beginning on the 15 October and ending on the 10 November
  • during the period beginning on the 26 December and ending on the 31 December.

Visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website for further guidance on explosives regulations.

Last updated: 27/11/2023 14:30

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