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Pavement Licence

  • The applicant must complete all questions on the application form.
  • The premises must be adjacent to a relevant highway.
  • The use of the furniture permitted in the licensed area must be solely for the service of and consumption of food and/or drink in connection with the relevant use of the business i.e. public house, wine bar or other drinking establishment or the sale of food and or drink for consumption on or off the premises.
  • If alcohol is to be sold in the proposed licenced area, the applicant must have a Premises Licence in place issued under the Licensing Act 2003 which relates to specifically to that proposed licensed area.
  • Along with the application form the applicant must submit a plan with the proposed licence area outlined in blue ink. The plan must show the following measurements, given in metres:
    • the width of the frontage of the applicant's premises
    • the distance from the frontage of the premises to the nearest edge of the proposed Licence area
    • the length of each side of the proposed Licence area.
  • In addition the plan must clearly identify the proposed licensed area and show the positioning of all furniture within that area. The plan must also show the proposed licence area in relation to the frontages of adjacent or nearby premises. 
  • The applicant must submit a copy of their Public Liability Insurance for the licenced purpose in the amount of £5 million in respect of any one incident. This insurance must indemnify Telford & Wrekin Council against all claims for injury, damage or loss to users of the public highway, arising from the use of the highway for the licenced purpose.
  • The applicant must submit details of the proposed furniture with the application. Only furniture as defined in the Act will be permitted, for example:
    • counters or stalls for selling or serving food or drink
    • tables, counters or shelves on which food or drink can be placed
    • chairs, benches or other forms of seating; and
    • umbrellas, barriers, heaters and other articles used in connection with the outdoor consumption of food or drink.
  • Payment of the Pavement Licence fee.

Last updated: 19/07/2022 09:39

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